Karma, Religion and Spirituality

Everyone is on a different path, one which brings that person to a new realization, the one that they need to have next. Everyone has a common destiny, even though each of us must find our own way to achieve it. However, not everyone is ready to accept the truth about who they are and what they must eventually become. How you accept who you are determines your path.

Before we came into the physical world, we were purely souls without physical form. We had total freedom, without laws and rules. Life can be thought of as a wheel with a hub in the center and spokes connecting it to a rim and a tire. The center hub is the source, the Creator, God. The rim and tire are the physical world with physical beings living on it. The spokes are souls extending out from God, reaching the physical reality, through which God can see all, know all and experience all.

Many people can only comprehend that they are humans, existing with a soul, rather than as a soul living a human experience. You are what you perceive that you are and as such, you are limited by those perceptions, because they determine what your beliefs are. Most people who practice a religion believe that spirituality and religion are the same things, but people who practice spirituality know that religion has nothing to do with spirituality.

Spirituality is of the soul and souls are made by God. Religion is a belief system established by men in an attempt to control other men, keeping them subservient to the men who are in charge, those being society, government and even church leaders. Spirituality requires no particular beliefs from those who practice it, while religion requires its followers to adopt the beliefs of those who created it. Spirituality and religion have a dividing line drawn between them, because they are completely different systems.

Karma is a product of energy, being that like-energies attract each other and unlike energies repel each other. Energy exists everywhere and on every level of existence. The slowest and most dense energies exist on the physical levels, but as you go higher or deeper through the spokes toward the hub, the vibrations are so fast and light that there is no attraction to or by the rim. While you are obviously living your life on the rim, your perceptions and beliefs are powerful enough to draw your energy away from it, as you become more aware of your true destiny, of who and of what you are or are destined to become.

You may perceive of yourself in any way that suits your fancy, because anything is possible in this marvelous universe, but eventually, you will realize that your destiny lies with your creator, as a co-creator or as a God-in-training. When you accept this role, your whole life will begin to change, as your energy becomes attracted to and by that of the hub, instead of to and by the energies of the rim. Karmic energies can no longer affect you or attract you to them and reincarnation becomes an event of the past, instead of the inevitable situation you have been in for so many lifetimes.

All you need to do is to accept your role, and God will draw you in, toward his love and guidance. Once you have accepted this role, there is no going back to Karmic debt and returning to the physical plane to learn, because you have now learned why you are here and who you are. Resistance is futile and irrelevant.

You learn to create goodness in a responsible way, with God by your side to help you when you need him. You no longer need to ask what to do next, because as you vibrate higher, you become much more sensitive to changing energy frequencies. Your intuition tells you what needs to happen, even though you still might not know exactly what to do to make it happen. Answers can manifest from your creative thoughts.

We are on such a wondrous journey into the unknown, where love, peace, joy and happiness are really all that matters and which are the catalysts for the change that must come, that will be. Welcome to paradise!

Mantra Meditation for Abundance

I am posting a short mantra that anyone can use to attract monetary abundance, along with the English pronunciation. This mantra should be recited 108 times either late at night or very early in the morning.

Once you have memorized the mantra, you can make a string of 108 beads to use as a counting device to free your thoughts for focus on the mantra statement itself.

You should also envision the Goddess Lakshmi during your meditation as shown in the image to the left.

The original Hindu statement goes like this:

"Om Shrim Maha Lakshmi Yei Swaha."

The English pronunciation should be done like this:

"Ohmm Shreem Maha Lok-Shmee Yayee Svahaa."

A rough translation is:
Om and salutations to that feminine energy (Lakshmi) which bestows all manner of wealth.

Please note that if you are seeking a more spiritual path, reciting this mantra would take you in the opposite direction, since money and material things vibrate at a much slower rate than that of an enlightened being on a spiritual path. However, it is not up to me to choose your path. Only you can choose which path to follow.

Making Choices

It is unfortunate that there is such a large segment of the population who feel that making money is their main priority in life. It should be fairly obvious to anyone who's paying attention to what has been going on with the economy that the idea of making a lot of money is becoming less and less possible, even though it seems to many that this is the only solution. The problem is that since our government has been just printing a bunch of cash to cover it's own financial obligations, the true value of the dollar is much lower than most people even realize.

Aside from the obvious devaluation of the dollar, there is also the fact that we are moving into a new age and another fact that most people aren't aware of is that with this new age, we are starting to be bombarded with a new energy that is going to increase to the point that it's going to change us, who and what we are, all for the better, at least in theory.

From the information that I have received about this event, the new energy is rewriting our DNA, adding new chakras and making us more psychic. In effect, we are becoming more spiritual in nature and less physical; however, that being said, those who are obsessed with the idea of making more money will most likely use these new attributes to continue doing so, instead of moving away from seeking wealth and putting their energy into becoming more spiritually enlightened.

One of the biggest problems with being so obsessed with the accumulation of money and material items is that the 3% of the world's population who currently hold the majority of the money that's now in existence have their own agendas and being that they are already so rich, it will be much easier for them to continue to suck money out of the rest of us than it would be for someone who is not currently having that status to become wealthy. Those who are so obsessed with trying to become wealthy will only try that much harder and most likely will end up losing everything, when it would have been a much more fulfilling and worthwhile proposition to let go of the idea of attaining wealth and material abundance and move into more spiritual endeavors.

Not everyone has the same ideas about where we are headed and what possibilities may be in our future. Even if they were aware of this new energy that is starting to filter into our world and knew its effects, it's unlikely that this would change how people think. Some of us have been fortunate enough to feel it as some of the lesser waves in its forefront have begun to arrive, but most people are completely unaware of anything out of the ordinary occurring. If a person is intentionally trying to vibrate at a higher rate, this would be the type of person that would be sensitive to this new energy and who would begin to benefit from it.

It makes sense that if we are going to be changed by this new energy in such dramatic ways, it will ultimately change how we vibrate or have that capability, depending on which direction we choose to go in. In my opinion, this new energy is our chance to ascend, or to graduate from this world and move on to the next one, if we are ready and if we choose to do that. All of us each have free will and even though all of us will each have the opportunity to choose, many will become even more obsessed with the accumulation of material things because of the fact that thought will much more easily become reality and unless one is prepared for what is to occur and what the possibilities of the result of this new energy are, those people will simply see it as a way to continue on the same path that they have always been on, mainly because it's so much easier to get what they've always wanted. And that path isn't going to lead a person up the road to ascension, but rather back down the road that indicates that they aren't ready to accept the responsibility of being received into a higher realm of existence. The temptations of physical realities being so much easier to attain will be overwhelming.

This is the main reason why it's so very important to begin changing how we think now, before this great temptation swoops in and attempts to bring us back down here, only to have to repeat all the thousands of incarnations, waiting for the next wave of energy to arrive and give this amazing opportunity to us again.

When it arrives, what will your choice be? Even if you choose not to decide, it pretty much means that you are going to be one of those who continue to follow the same path that you are currently on, whatever that may be. I wish you could feel what I, and many others, have felt. Then your choice would be simple, when instead, it's going to be the most difficult decision that you've ever had to make, one which will determine your future for many thousands of years to come, before you get to make that choice again.

Where Are You Going?

We are rapidly approaching a turning point in our lives and in our world, one which will truly define who we are and what our ultimate destiny will be. So many people, who believe that they have figured out all of the answers to having a happy fulfilling life, have become misguided because they are so focused on all of the wrong things here in the physical world.

As each of us begins to create more positive energy, we are raising our vibrations and our awareness, and as this happens, we are being pulled higher, attracting, and being attracted to, a higher level of awareness, where everything is different than what we are accustomed to on the lower levels of vibration. A great number of you are still firmly attached to old world ideas, such as attaining monetary wealth and material abundance, things which vibrate at a slower frequency than what is found in the faster vibrations of higher awareness.

For a time during this transitional period, your vibrations are still in close enough alignment with the vibrations of wealth and abundance that these ideas are still workable, but as you continue to vibrate faster and higher, you will discover that the energies are no longer compatible with each other. You might also find that some of the people you have associated with in the past are holding you down. As this happens, your desire to keep your relationships and your desire to raise your awareness pull you in opposite directions, causing you to be uncomfortable and confused with what is happening to you. You many even experience physical pain as you try to hold on to these opposing concepts.

Many of you are having visions of remaining physical, while being spiritually transformed, because this is exactly what is starting to take place. As you change in this way, your world also changes along with you and those who are closest to you will also be pulled into your energy and become transformed with you.

It is extremely important to understand what is happening to you now, so that you are able to more easily let go of old world ideas and adapt to new world reality, because these opposing energies are not at all compatible with each other. Attempting to hold on to what you currently have as you become more enlightened could either tear you apart spiritually or keep you from fully achieving enlightenment.

You can either only become enlightened or stay within the old material world, because the energy vibrations repel each other, due to the fact that their frequencies are so completely different. They will not resonate together or even harmonize and if you plan on keeping your wealth and material things as you vibrate higher, you will find that your vibration will slow and keep you here in the physical world, unable to be transformed and unable to find enlightenment.

On the other hand, if you let go of these "things" that you believe are so important here, you will allow yourself to vibrate faster and lighter and become more easily attracted to a higher awareness, where money and things no longer exist. It is a state of being where you are no longer burdened by pain and suffering, hate, greed, anger or worry. It is a place where thought instantly manifests into reality, bringing you everything you have ever desired. Some might even say that it's Heaven on Earth.

The Ultimate Energy

Speaking in terms of energy, positive energy is, without a doubt, the best kind to have, because it becomes a vehicle for creating miraculous new positive situations and circumstances. It can even open doors which allow manifesting to work easily, effortlessly and even automatically, by having nothing more than a passing thought or by making a casual statement. This might sound like a bold statement to make, but it really is the do-all, be-all and even end-all solution to life’s challenges.

Using your positive energy, one of the most powerful ways to manifest a new idea is to write about it, indicating through your statements that it simply is this way. As you write or type, you are also molding your own beliefs so that your boundaries expand to accommodate your ideas. It isn’t even necessary to say you believe something, but rather just make creative statements that reflect what you would like to see, have or do and always place them into present tense. Through your own positive energy, each new creative statement that you write or type is focusing that energy to form a construct of sorts while you are writing about it and as you complete all of the necessary elements of your idea, your positive energy is building it for you and preparing to present you as its own results.

Learning to type is one of the best skills that I have ever developed and I truly believe that everyone who has a computer should learn this very important skill. Regardless of whether you type or not, everyone should take some time every so often to write their ideas down, because even though you might have a specific avenue to pursue, often your creative mind will take you off in another direction, providing you with additional thoughts that hadn’t occurred to you before. What you are actually doing is providing yourself with another creative outlet, one that you’ll likely discover to be an invaluable tool.

After reading all that I have written about achieving Positive Awareness by creating only positive energy, you’re probably thinking that this is the ultimate energy. In a way, that’s correct; however, no matter how wonderful it is to have, there is always something better, because we have a creator who obviously has that ultimate power that we can only dream of having. That dream may be just over the horizon, waiting for us to be ready ourselves to receive it.

In order to receive this ultimate gift and benefit from it, there is some preparation that must be made. You see, it is at such a high rate of vibration that unless we are also vibrating at a speed which is close to that frequency, it could be too much for some to handle. In other cases, this love offering may not be compatible with those who have no love inside. For still others, receiving the gift could become a destructive force inside themselves which takes every negative thought and sends it back to the person who created it instantly. Try to do someone wrong or express anger, hatred, fear or greed and have those emotions hurled back at the sender with the greatest of force and speed.

These ideas are not my own, but through divine means, they have been verified to me to be real and definite. This is the very reason why I have been teaching others how to think and speak in only positive terms. The Ultimate Energy is just over the horizon waiting for that day to unite with us all. We, as a planet, as children of our creator, will be receiving the ultimate gift and we need to be ready to receive it. December 21st of this year has been designated as the end of this current age, as a day of possible catastrophe, Armageddon, even doomsday. Some are calling this new Ultimate Energy the Christ Consciousness, the second coming of Christ, the Judgement Day. All of these terms coincide with how this new energy will affect us all, rewriting our DNA, adding new Chakras to our bodies, giving us heightened and amplified psychic abilities. We will all become transparent to each other, to the world and to the Universe. We will all be seen for exactly who we are and for exactly what we have become through all of our incarnations during this 26,000 year cycle because of how we vibrate.

It’s time to wake up and look around your current environment. If you are associated with negative people or are in negative relationships or you have a job which promotes negativity, pain, suffering, greed or other negative aspects, you need to start thinking about how to change them or where you are going to go to be with only positive people and get into only positive relationships.

We have all seen our world changing in drastic ways, going through its own cleansing processes and I have been urging all of you to also take yourselves through your own cleansing process, eliminating all the negative aspects of your thoughts, your words, your speech, your emotions, your intentions, your beliefs and now it also must be done with your world. The change that is coming is due to the Ultimate Energy which is going to lead every one of you to your own ultimate demise or allow you to finally graduate from this place and take you to the next step in your journey. I want to welcome you to the other side, to know you all as friends, to embrace you all as special souls and to love you all for who you have become for all of Eternity. We are truly Blessed!

Beliefs Define Your Boundaries

The Law of Attraction is always working continuously and automatically in your life. You attract the kind of energy that you have, but most people are completely unaware of what they are thinking and saying as far as what their choice of words is. Just one negative word in a positively intended statement will cancel out the positive energy that you are trying to create.

When a person attempts to manifest something new, there are several factors which determine how successful they will be. The first thing is the choice of words in their manifesting and meditation statements. All individual words must be completely void of any negative meaning or interpretation. Your intentions don't matter much if your words are negative. A perfect example of this concept is the statement, "nothing is impossible", which contains 2 negative words. Even though the intent is positive, this statement will create more negative energy than positive, because 2 of the 3 words are negative on their own. Your brain can do some miraculous things, but the Universe needs direct and deliberate communication from you, using completely positive terms. Although your brain and other people understand what you mean, the energy that you are creating isn't in alignment with your intentions and the Universe works from energy, not from intentions.

The second factor for achieving your desired results is to create statements that are in the present tense. The reason for this is simple. We are living now, not in the past and not in the future, so even though you don't currently have what you want, you will if you live in the moment, creating statements that reflect the current moment instead of the future. The future is really just fantasy, because it hasn't and realistically, won't ever occur. All that happens, happens now or it doesn't happen at all. Your energy is currently attracting the same kind of energy to you. What you perceive to be either in the future, or even off in the distance, is really right here, right now. It is only your perception that makes things seem to be somewhere else or in some other time.

Your logical mind is one of your biggest obstacles, because as soon as you observe a part of your reality with your perception of it being where it seems to be, your logic keeps its relative importance constant. Something which appears to be further away, due to its size and appearance, is really your perception of its relative importance to other things that you believe to be closer to you. An object's relative importance of your perception gives it the amount of energy that your logical mind thinks that it should have and therefore, it only appears to be smaller than the relative importance of objects that appear to be closer to you. As your brain interprets what you believe to be distance and as you bring objects of previously lesser importance into your immediate focus, they get larger, simply because you are giving more attention to them and hence more energy. They are always right here, right now. Perception and logic become barriers that society has established and has taught you to believe in.

This brings us to a very important aspect of what is real to you and what is not, and that is your beliefs, which are largely based on your perception of your reality. Your beliefs and your perception determine the boundaries of what you can create, regardless of what kind of energy you have. While your energy attracts the same kind to you, your beliefs establish the limits of your manifesting capabilities. If you fail to believe that you can have it, do it, see it, feel it or become it, then you can't; however, when you are able to change your beliefs to accommodate the reality that you wish to create, your belief is the force that brings it to life.

We are One!

Most of us, while following our spiritual path, see it as an individual occurrence and because of that, we also seem to view our accomplishments as only affecting ourselves. While this is mostly true, we must realize that everything that we think, say and do creates energy which also affects others in our world. Your spiritual path is a very personal thing and should be respected as such and even though we are each following our own paths, we are still moving toward oneness.

When we progress, we are moving forward, adding to our experiences and knowledge, adding more positive energy to ourselves and to our world, and collecting more positive energy from everything around us, because like energies attract each other. Even when it seems that we aren't moving at all, neither forward nor backward, we are still collecting energy that is attracted to and by us.

Imagine a bunch of souls that have an energy value or a vibrational frequency number and who are each attracting and collecting energy of the same value or frequency to themselves. If we could see all of that potential energy that's surrounding us, it might look like an energy bubble. So then we have all these individual energy bubbles that are continuing to grow as they continue to attract more energy. As we learn more and become more aware and enlightened, our energy value is increasing, along with our vibrational frequency.

At some point, all of the individual energy bubbles are going to begin to merge as they start to have the same energy value or vibrational frequency, just because we are each improving ourselves on our path. Now imagine what it would be like if we all consciously worked with our friends and loved ones to get them on a similar path. All of this positive energy would eventually take over the world and there would be nothing that would be impossible for any of us.

As much as this idea sounds like the solution to us all becoming everything that we can imagine, we are still faced with one huge problem, the ego. The ego seems to think that it doesn't need anyone else to get a problem solved or work with anyone else to achieve a common goal. I will be fine on my own. Yes, you will be fine on your own, but you will be even better when you connect and help others to connect. In fact, we will be so fine that negative entities, such as the rich elite and oil companies, will no longer have any power over us. It will be we who have power over them and it will be we, who have learned how to create and efficiently use positive energy to its fullest, that will either dissolve all of the negatives or change them over to our side, the positive side, because when you really think about it, good eventually conquers evil. And in this case, it could happen swiftly and painlessly.

Many will think that none of this is possible, but most of us realize that anything truly is possible when we have a plan that is workable. Nobody has even tried to find a solution, such as this one, because of the fact that, unfortunately, many people have their own agendas, to get themselves ahead and hope that everyone else will just get by. Our world will continue to be in turmoil until we discover that no one can become abundant unless we are all abundant, because when there is poverty, it eats away at everything and when there is homelessness, we are all threatened with the possibility that it could happen to us too.

We haven't yet learned that when we help our friends and neighbors to become more today than what they were yesterday, we also help ourselves because of the energy that we are creating. It is all being attracted to and by everyone who has that same energy value or vibrational frequency and it continues to snowball. Worst case is that if we don't do something positive for our world, we are stuck with things being exactly the way they are now. The solution lies within each of us and not with our governments, because also unfortunately, government has become big business that only looks out for itself.

Program Yourself for Happiness!

If you have yet to find a positive path to follow, it's most likely because you are confused or maybe just in a daze, watching the world go by and wondering how you fit into it all. Some fundamental principles can help you break out of your coma and get your creative juices flowing.

The human brain is a very sophisticated living computer organism that can perform exactly the way that you want it to, but just like any computer, it has to be given instructions. This idea might sound weird to many people, because it is going to be your computer brain that will create those instructions. At this point, it becomes fairly obvious that our brain must be comprised of many different sections that are all capable of individual processing. Some parts analyze a problem to find a solution while other parts carry out the instructions to make the solution succeed.

At times, you might even believe that the wisdom that you receive is not originating from within yourself. Such is the case with telling your brain how to operate and which instructions to carry out. One could go crazy trying to figure out exactly what is happening, but for now, it's probably best to put all of the hows and whys aside and just focus on what kind of instructions you need at any given moment.

You can program yourself for happiness by learning how to think and speak all over again. Take yourself through a process of cleansing your mind of negative aspects by eliminating negative words from thoughts, speech, typed and written text, your emotions, your intentions and your actions. Learn to live by the Golden Rule, treating all of life just exactly the way that you would also like to be treated. Often we are quick to criticize others, without realizing that it isn't something that we would like to have done to us either. All it takes is a moment of consideration to realize that we have the power to change everything, including ourselves, my simply changing how we think and what we say.

Spend some quality time with yourself, practicing cleansing yourself of negativity in all its forms and make a commitment to do this in every moment of your life, from now on. In time, you'll discover an amazing transformation taking place inside yourself. After a year or two of avoiding negative aspects, the process will become automatic as you grow more accustomed to living positive, not just having positive thoughts occasionally or having a positive attitude every now and then, but constantly and continuously living in only positive terms.

As you make this change in yourself, your world begins to change to accommodate you and you become the center of it all, as its intentional creator, instead of reacting to all of the negative things in it. And as you continue to make these changes, you build more and more positive energy in yourself and around you, until it overflows and spills out into the world around you, infecting and affecting everyone and everything.

Even more amazing is how any negative thought or word can change itself to positive for you, after you have spent a sufficient amount of time becoming positive in every way and staying in a positive state of mind. This transformation is nothing short of miraculous. Even the so-called gurus of manifesting and of the Law of Attraction never even thought of this aspect of life, believing that all it takes is focus for you to get what you want, when in reality, with Positive Awareness, nothing more than a positive thought and without any focus at all, you will experience miracles happening for you instantly.

All You Need is Positive Energy

All matter in our Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different speeds that determines much about its physical makeup. We, as observers, provide the final creative step that manifests what we expect to see. Without the ability to interact with the energy of the Universe, objects could not be moved about or made to operate specific functions.

So we have energy that changes very little and forms solid objects and then we also have very changeable energies that can be modified by what we think and say, and this is the type of energy that is relatively easy to interact with in some way to help make our lives easier.

Once you understand and realize that everything is energy and everything that you think, say and do also creates energy, you can also begin to understand why it is so vitally important to remove negative aspects from our lives in thought, speech, written words, actions, emotional state and our intentions.

This may all sound nearly impossible to achieve; however, the process of making it happen begins with baby steps, just like how any other new process takes place. You will learn a step at a time until you reach a point where everything ties together, making perfect sense.

The first step is to monitor everything that you say, making sure that each sentence is void of any negative words. You see, we are generally positive beings by default, so by eliminating negative words in the things that we say, we automatically create positive energy. If you have a negative word in a positive statement, just that one negative word has enough power on its own to cancel out the positive energy of your intention, so you are back to zero, having made no change in your energy, without even realizing it.

Okay, so nobody is perfect. You are going to slip up and put negative words in your sentences. But you are forgiven, as long as you stop and go back and restate the sentence in a different way that is void of negative words. You are back on the plus side and it was easy. Sometimes it even becomes humorous when you are trying to restate a sentence without negative words in it, so you might even have some fun doing this.

Manifesting is a Simple Process

Manifesting is a simple process and the proof of this is obvious when you look around yourself and notice that everything you see in your world is there because of your thoughts, words, intentions, emotional state and your actions. You accomplished all of this without even realizing that you were performing manifesting procedures. You simply were going about your daily life, doing all of the things that were necessary to bring situations, events and necessities to yourself.

There are also the unseen parts of your manifesting that were accomplished simply by your thoughts and words that created the energy which left you on its own mission to seek out a destination with the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of those thoughts and words. If the energy was positive, then you manifested good things in the world, but if it was negative, then you could unknowingly be responsible for contributing to the suffering of others.

Most of us would regret the unintentional harming of another with our energy and because of this uncertainty, we would be left hoping that this was not the case. These situations further enforce the desire to create only positive energy, so that we manifest only positive things.

People who believe in karma are real life practitioners of generating only positive energy, because they realize that any vicious deed can swiftly rebound on them, bringing an equivalent of undesirable results in some area of their life.

Negatives are Known to Cause Illness

In spite of what you might think, most illness is not caused by what you ingest, but rather by the things that you believe in and how much negativity is a regular part of your life. Negativity exists in different forms, such as stress, anxiety, worry, depression, being a liar, harboring hatred toward people and things, as well as just being a negative person in conversation and the outlook that you have for your job, your future, your family and so on.

If you have negative beliefs, this might be an area that you can work on which will improve other aspects of your life at the same time. Any limiting beliefs that you have can become a source of potential illness, as well as catalysts for accidents and injuries to occur.

In fact, many alternative healing methods and especially energy healing methods realize that the vibration of the affected area of illness or injury is at a lower frequency than the healthy parts of a body, hence being a negative form of energy.

All Things are Possible

Everything in our Universe is energy, which was created for us to learn to manipulate in a responsible way, so that all of us can have the material things that we need and want. We, ourselves, are even energy and our thoughts and words create energy, so it is of the utmost importance that we use words, in our thought processes, in our speech and in our written language, that create only positive energy.

In reality, there is only energy which is neither positive nor negative; however, using these terms simplifies our understanding of how energies interact with each other, as well as how they affect what we are able to manifest.

Seeds of Change

Change seems to be inevitable in one way or another. Most people are forced to change, as their world changes around them, but the best changes come when we choose to change, which also works in the opposite way from having it forced on us. When we change intentionally, we force our world to change with us.

When one focuses on creating only positive energy, intentional change becomes as easy as thinking new thoughts, creating new ideas and possibilities. Every possibility can become reality by changing your beliefs and the more you do this, the easier it gets. Your world can become truly magical and amazing. As you create more positive energy, you are also raising your vibration, because everything, including you and me, is energy. Raising your vibration takes you to new levels where you have access to new energies and these energies are responsible for changing your awareness by providing you with new information that you had no idea existed previously.

Many people simply do not either understand or fully appreciate the benefits of creating and building positive energy in their lives. The more you create, the more you attract to yourself from external sources and more positive situations and circumstances find you, seemingly out of nowhere.

To best realize the possibilities which exist for the person who has abundant positive energy, one must eliminate all of the negative aspects in their environment, because any negative energy source can subtract from your positive energy, effectively canceling it out. Also, realizing that most of us are imperfect at best, it is completely forgivable to make mistakes in the structuring of our thought and spoken statements if they contain negative words, as long as we catch our mistakes and change those negatives to positives, before moving on to the next thought or statement.

Everything that I have discovered in this process has been from my own experiences and I have seen amazing things happening due to my diligence in eliminating negatives and changing them to positive. You see, as you make this major change in your daily life, after a period of time, you will find yourself correcting your thoughts and speech automatically and then you'll start to find yourself correcting the negative words and statements of those around you. What is actually happening is that you are reprogramming your thought processes, but the most amazing part of this is yet to be experienced.

All during this time, because of your diligence in taking yourself through this cleansing process, you are still building and adding to your positive energy, just through these actions alone and then along with that, the positive energy that you have built up is also attracting more of that same kind of energy to you. So after a point, it tends to collect in you without you really trying to do anything intentionally other than just continuing to perform this cleansing process. This is a life changing event for you, one which you will continue to do from now on.

The reason that I added that last statement is because after a year or two down the road of continuing to cleanse, you're going to discover that you have successfully reprogrammed your thought processes to the point that you can say or think anything you want to, either positive or negative, and your brain is going to go through those changes for you, automatically eliminating negatives, but more importantly, automatically changing negatives to some related positive outcome.

When it starts to happen for you, at first you are literally going to be shocked that it really does happen that way. And as you get used to it happening for you, you will begin to realize that you can use this as a very valuable tool in situations that you might have previously perceived to be difficult or challenging in some way. Every time one of my negative thoughts or statements are changed by my positive energy, I am totally blown away by it. The odd thing about it is that, even though I do use it intentionally to make a potentially negative situation turn into something positive, I also still slip up occasionally and make a negative statement without even giving it much thought. When that happens, I have seen miracles happen for me, positive outcomes manifested automatically by a statement which was negative in nature.

This is really just one small aspect of the change that is going to be happening to you when you decide to take yourself through this cleansing process. There is so much going on, just from intentionally creating only positive energy by your thoughts, your words, your statements and even your intentions and as I continue to add posts to this blog, I will discuss more of those changes.

Time and Space are an Illusion

As we become more enlightened spiritual beings, we also become more aware of living in the here and now. We also begin to realize that there is nothing more than here and now. When we perceive that we are traveling, what's really occurring is that the world is coming to us, based on our expectations and beliefs. In other words, we believe that we are going somewhere and we see what we expect to see as we perceive ourselves traveling from one place to another.

While our awareness is trained on the physical plane, our physical being can only exist in one place; however, when we shift our consciousness to become aware of our presence on the upper planes, being in several places at once is not only possible, but is exactly what is happening. Our physical self is existing on the physical, while our other bodies also reside on each of the upper planes simultaneously.

The only reason for mentioning these higher planes is that thought becomes instantaneous reality when we are able to shift our consciousness to become aware of those levels and the physical plane is nothing more than a reflection of them.

Many share my belief, that we are here on the physical Earth, to learn to combine all of these levels and experience them along with our physical reality, or to create Heaven on Earth. This is not only possible, but it is exactly what is beginning to happen as our physical world is being bombarded with new energies, which are designed to change who we are physically into beings which can experience all of these different levels at the same time, time being only an imaginary reference point.